Opportunities of a Just Transition

Sahara Wind at the International Congress on Climate Change in Essaouira, October 23-26 2023

At the invitation of the International Centre for Research and Capacity Building (CI2RC), CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES OF A JUST TRANSITION were discussed in five round-table sessions of the 4th International Congress on Climate Change in Essaouira. Supported by the city of Essaouira, Cadi Ayyad University (UCA) of Marrakech and the Friedrich Nauman Foundation for Freedom, 200 participants, policy makers, international organizations, research experts and academic institutions, doctoral students, public and private stakeholders, and representatives of civil society examined extensive energy transition related matters. Speaking at ‘The Industrial Model in the Face of Just Transition’ round table, Sahara Wind also moderated the 'Climate Change & Security Issues' session.

Mediterranean Energy Expert Circle Kick-Off Meeting

Sahara Wind at the Mediterranean Energy Expert Circle Kick-Off Meeting in Cadenabbia, Italy 11-13 October 2023

Against the backdrop of the energy crisis, changing geopolitical dynamics, supply chains disruptions and political tensions triggering wars, the Mediterranean region's energy landscape has been decisively reshaped. Under the overarching theme of ‘Reconciling Mediterranean Energy Transitions with Energy Security and Regional Stability’ the Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change Middle East and North Africa of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS-REMENA) in cooperation with the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) invited a group of selected experts from the wider Mediterranean region to the Kick-Off Meeting for a “Mediterranean Energy Experts Circle”. Held at the historic Villa La Collina of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation, the Expert Circle will meet regularly to assess these global challenges.

Driving North Africa's Green Industrialization

World Power-to-X Summit in Marrakech, Morocco, September 19 2023

Over 1,000 Policy-makers, industry leaders, research experts and innovators from 34 countries gathered to discuss global energy transition challenges. 170 expert panelists in over 35 specialized sessions and multiple side events debated green hydrogen opportunities. Supported by IRESEN the "Green Industrialization in North Africa: Driving Regional Decarbonization and Attracting Energy-Intensive Industries" official Side Event organized by the KAS Energy Security and Climate Change Middle East and North Africa explored added-value of green hydrogen policies and the creation of an enabling regulatory framework for Power-to-X. At the core of Morocco’s green hydrogen road map the “Strategies for Driving Green Industrialization in North Africa” panel moderated by Sahara Wind enabled  UM6P, RCREEE and ECDPM to address a range of opportunities provided by outstanding wind and solar resources to expand the successful roll-out of the region’s global manufacturing industries.

Lower Bills & Greater Skills at EUSEW2023

Khalid Benhamou of Sahara Wind with Kadri Simson European Commissioner for Energy at #EUSEW2023, June 20th 2023

Held under the theme “Accelerating the clean energy transition – towards lower bills and greater skills” Sahara Wind attended the European Sustainable Energy Week 2023 in Brussels on 20-22 June 2023. The role of renewables regional integration, inclusion, storage and green hydrogen deep decarbonization were among the topics hotly debated during the conference’s policy sessions. Leveraging Sahara Wind’s pioneering capacity building work co-funded by NATO since 2007 to support North Africa’s regional HVDC transmission and green Hydrogen synergies, this event brought together key stakeholders shaping today’s energy transition.

Water, Energy, Food Ecosystems Nexus

1st regional roundtable on the Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystems in the Mediterranean. Rabat, Morocco, June 06 2023

Based on its Energy, Water and Food security synergies developed since 2002, Sahara Wind attended the 1st regional roundtable on #WEFE Nexus in the Mediterranean: "promoting innovations, investments and upscaling of solutions". Combined with the 13th meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean Water Expert Group, this round table gathered key actors to address multiple climate-related challenges and leverage unique opportunities provided by integrating the Water, Energy, Food Ecosystems nexus. 

Berlin Energy Dialogue 2023

Morocco’s Energy Transition Ministry official speaking at #betd23 in Berlin, March 28 2023

At the invitation of the German Federal Foreign Office, Khalid Benhamou (CEO of Sahara Wind) attended the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue Conference 2023. This event bringing together Delegations from more than 90 countries enabled Sahara Wind’s experiences and ideas on a safe, affordable, and environmentally responsible global energy transition to be shared with key stakeholders. These included high-level policymakers, representatives from industry, science, as well as civil society who gathered in Berlin during this two-day event.

Essaouira’s Salt Domes GreenH2 Storage

Sahara Wind presents Morocco’s Massive Green Hydrogen Storage Hub by Essaouira, March 02 2023

As part of the ‘Energy crisis and climate change: challenges and opportunities for Morocco’ AjiTafham Workshop organized by the CI2RC of the Higher School of Technology of Essaouira [ESTE], Sahara Wind presented its recent findings on storing pressurized green hydrogen in deep salt domes. In a study funded by the World Bank/ESMAP for MASEN, Sahara Wind identified one of Africa’s largest geological salt dome formations by Essaouira which can be used for storing massive amounts of green hydrogen production generated on the Sahara coastline. Connected to regional underutilized pipeline networks, pressurized green hydrogen can be delivered seasonally to meet Africa and Europe’s rising needs.

Massive Green Hydrogen Storage

Sahara Wind at Solaire Expo Maroc in Casablanca, February 22 2023

Sahara Wind presents Morocco’s Green Hydrogen storage options in salt caverns for their export through existing underutilized gas pipeline networks. This was assessed as part of the ‘GREEN HYDROGEN OPPORTUNITIES FOR MOROCCO’ study funded by the World Bank on behalf of Morocco’s Agency for Sustainable Energy MASEN. Available bedded and dome rock salt deposits enable massive seasonal storage of pressurized Green Hydrogen in deep hollowed dry caverns. Generated on the Sahara coastline and connected to Africa and Europe’s expanding pipeline networks, green hydrogen can be delivered on demand to both markets as presented under ‘Morocco’s accelerated green hydrogen transition’ at Solaire Expo Maroc.

Sahara Wind at MEDays2022

Sahara Wind at MEDays2022, Tangier Morocco, November 02-05 2022

The 14th edition of MEDays International ForumThe Southern Forum’ of the Institut Amadeus held in Tangier, Morocco, gathered over 230 high-level panelists amongst which several heads of governments, ministers and over 5000 participants. Held under the theme ‘FROM CRISES TO CRISES: TOWARDS A NEW WORLD ORDER?’, Khalid Benhamou, CEO of Sahara Wind moderated a series of MEDays Sessions, Discussion Panels and Round Tables. Debates by Prominent Speakers from All Continents covered topics such as: New Energy Order, African Geopolitics, Think Tanks 4.0, Climate Diplomacy and Diplomacy in the Era of Global Challenges. Available for viewing, these can be accessed below.

Accelerating Morocco’s Energy Transition

‘Accelerating the Energy Transition in Morocco’ Rabat, October 04 2022

Organized by RES4Africa under the theme “Accelerating the Energy Transition in Morocco: Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World’ this event brough together national stakeholders with expert inputs from both side of the Mediterranean. Morocco’s energy transition constraints, long-term vision, balance of policies, electric system evolution, innovative technologies and continental implications were analyzed and debated in dedicated lively panels sessions.

Sahara Wind at CIGRE 2022 Session

Opening Ceremony of the CIGRE2022 Paris Session, August 28 2022.

Under its ‘Business transformation upon the electrical power industry’ theme, the CIGRE2022 CEO forum enabled industry executives to discuss challenges and opportunities of sustainability, governance shifts, digitization, fuel transformation, and high penetrations of renewable energy in the power sector. During this session and beyond price parity, Sahara Wind highlighted the range of additional opportunities provided by green hydrogen compared to fossil-based (blue) hydrogen. An energy transition can hardly be achieved without it.

Green-Hydrogen assets

Sahara Wind presents North Africa’s assets in the green-hydrogen energy transition at WWEC2022 in Rimini Italy, June 28th 2022

With the roll-out of Morocco’s green-hydrogen roadmap, massive amounts of renewable energies will be put on-line. Sahara Wind presented key assets in Green-H2 generation, storage and transmission for local uses and exports to Europe. The regional prospects include Mauritania’s iron-ore and Morocco’s global phosphate based fertilizer industries. This comprehensive outlook predisposes the region for generating and delivering the world’s most competitive green-Hydrogen.

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