A new EU energy policy for the 21st century FoE BrusselsSahara Wind at the FoE Energy Summit "A new EU energy policy for the 21st century” on November 6th 2012, in Brussels, Belgium.

Opening the Energy Summit 2012, Giles Merritt, Friends of Europe’s Secretary General mentioned that although feasible, the EU’s 20/20/20 targets rely on conjectural factors. Beyond his remarks, the European Commission’s Energy Roadmap seeks to reduce emissions by 85% by 2050, through a big range of possibilities, with rates of renewable energy ranging from 49% to 86% of total electricity production. Europe’s energy system is subject to a significant, structural transformation due to the transition to a green, low-carbon, resource efficient economy. By 2025, one million jobs will be created in renewables and energy efficiency alone.

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