Sahara Wind’s scaled-up access to desalinated water at the “Green Hydrogen Policies in the MENA Region” Workshop, June 22 2021

Organized by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, this regional workshop on Green Hydrogen Policies in the MENA region focused on three main topics. The State of the Art of Green Hydrogen Strategies, National Hydrogen Plans in MENA countries and Potential Hydrogen-Water-Climate Nexus in the MENA region. Green hydrogen consumes 1000 times more electricity than what is required to desalinate water as its electrolysis feedstock. Critical to power the region’s desalination plants, “Green Hydrogen Scaling-up Access to Desalinated Water: Case Study of the Sahara Wind HVDC Transmission Project” was presented last, concluding the workshop. This online event brought together senior regional and international experts.

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