Morocco-EU Relationship Round Table

EU-Morocco relationship round tableRound table on "The Morocco - European Union relationship in the light of the crisis with Spain" June 2, 2021

Organized by the Amadeus Institute a virtual round table under the theme "The Morocco - European Union relationship in the light of the crisis with Spain" was held in Rabat, Morocco. Moderated by Khalid Benhamou, CEO of Sahara Wind, this event saw the participation of prominent political and academic figures from Europe and Morocco.

Morocco's Green Hydrogen Cluster: GreenH2

Morocco’s “GreenH2 Cluster” Constituent Assembly, March 18 2021

The Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Industry of the kingdom of Morocco hosted the cluster’s Constitutive General Assembly in Rabat. This event gathered major players in the creation of a hydrogen industry. The GreenH2 Cluster seeks to support an emerging, competitive Green Hydrogen sector in Morocco. The cluster will focus on the development and industrialization of green hydrogen and encourage research with relevant stakeholders. One of the cluster’s biggest missions is to encourage the transfer of know-how between Moroccan and international partners.

Sahara Wind at Renpower Maghreb

Sahara Wind's 5-10GW HVDC transmission project presented at the 5th RENPOWER MAGHREB INVESTORS 2020

Complementing Green Hydrogen applications and Africa's 1st Wind-Hydrogen system launched in 2012, the phased roll-out of the Sahara Wind 5-10GW HVDC line has been presented during Session 5 on ‘Regionally interconnected transmission grid, distributed generation and export’. Held Online from December 15-16, the 5th edition of the RENPOWER MAGHREB INVESTORS 2020 Conference assessed the region’s Renewable Energy, Power Infrastructures and Energy Efficiency projects. This event brought together key policy, energy and finance stakeholders from the Maghreb and beyond.

World Power-to-X Summit 2020

Morocco hosts the 1st World Power-to-X Summit, December 1-3 2020

Pioneered by Sahara Wind as a regional platform dedicated to Green Hydrogen and its applications, the WorldPtXSummit™ triggered high-level discussions aimed at fostering new clean energy partnerships. Organized by IRESEN and the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), this virtual Summit gathered major investors, policy makers, innovators, industry leaders and research experts. Recordings of this event are available, with a full description at

Sahara Wind at the MEDaysTalks, November 10-17th 2020

Sahara Wind at MEDaysTalks, November 10-17 2020

Substituting the annual MEDays ‘Forum of the South’ of the Institut Amadeus in Tangier, Morocco, an exceptional on-line MEDaysTalks 2020 gathered over 100 high-level panelists amongst which several former heads of governments and 40 000 participants. Held under the theme ‘In the wake of Covid-19: responses, recovery and disruptions’, several sessions have been moderated by Khalid Benhamou, CEO of Sahara Wind.  Available for viewing, these can be accessed below.

1st "Green" Hydrogen Industrial Unit

Signature of an agreement for the construction of a first industrial plant for "green" hydrogen in Morocco on 10.06.2020 in Berlin

Upon unveiling its €9 Billion National Hydrogen Strategy, Germany selects Morocco for developing the first industrial plant for "green hydrogen" in Africa. Hydrogen is key for decarbonising steel and chemical industries as well as the transport sector. As Morocco imports over 1 Million tons of grey ammonia to support its global phosphate-based fertilizer industry, an opportunity arises to produce green hydrogen for ammonia synthesis from renewables, mostly wind energy. A Memorandum of understanding has been signed between the two governments to support this project.

HVDC scale-up of Africa-Europe’s interconnection

Sahara Wind's HVDC scale-up of Africa-Europe’s interconnection presented at the 'Horizon 2050 HVDC technologies' Workshop in Brussels, February 4th 2020

At the invitation of the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy, Sahara Wind participated in the ‘Horizon 2050 power system and the role of HVDC technologies in a highly decentralised RES generation’ Workshop in Brussels. Based on actual developments grid operators and HVDC industry experts assessed the potentialities of applying further DC technologies in the existing electricity grid. As part of these prospects, the Sahara Wind project HVDC scale-up of Africa-Europe’s interconnection was presented during the ‘HVDC developments – perspective / implementation projects EEPR CEF PCI’ morning session. The latter was followed by a lively discussion on the future architecture of the EU’s highly decentralized Renewable Energy System generation, integrating DC transmission technologies and HVDC networks on a regional scale.

Building EU-North Africa Hydrogen Bridges

Sahara Wind moderates “Power-to-X for a cross-regional energy transition” at Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Brussels, February 17 2020

Is there a missing international link in the European Green Deal? Is it the right framework for a Power-to-X and Hydrogen ramp-up? Can EU climate targets be leveraged in the context of a Euro-Mediterranean energy transition? By answering these questions in a Workshop Panel organized at the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Brussels, a lively debate ensued. It involved the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) as well as European industrial operators and their Morocco applied research (IRESEN) and Tunisia counterparts, in the presence of Members of the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Stronger Together at COP25

Sahara Wind at COP25 in Madrid, December 2019

Showcasing Success of Renewable Energy Technologies Working Together, Sahara Wind was invited by the REN Alliance to present Global Wind Energy achievements. REN Alliance is a coalition of five renewable industry organizations regrouping Hydro, Solar, Wind, Biomass and the Geothermal sector. Its aim is to demonstrate how renewables can work together in different local, national and regional contexts to meet the world’s energy needs. Sahara Wind attended COP25 on behalf of the World Wind Energy Association.

Connecting Africa and Energy Governance

Sahara Wind at MEDays, November 13-16 2019

The MEDays 2019 Forum on "The global distrust crisis: facing subversion and uncertainties” from 13th to 16th November 2019 in Tangier – Morocco, gathered over 4500 participants with several heads of state to assess the current state of play in global affairs. As a ‘Forum of the South’ of the Institut Amadeus focused on the African continent the “Global Energy Governance” workshop and the panels on "Energy & Power: Connecting the Continent, Improving Security, Financing Projects” have amongst others, been moderated by Khalid Benhamou, CEO of Sahara Wind.

Paris Peace Forum 2019

Sahara Wind at the Paris Peace Forum, November 11-13 2019

The Paris Peace Forum is the annual international meeting for all actors of global governance initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron. As a global platform for governance of project, the Paris Peace Forum looks for solutions that help minimize international tensions: cooperation to fight climate change and resource scarcity, institutions to channel power rivalries and administer global public goods, justice to assuage grievances, and regulation to address inequalities and abuses of power. To reinvent contemporary cooperation with 140 countries represented, this high-level event gathered over 7000 participants amongst which 33 heads of state and governments.

Powering Africa’s 1st Multi-Gigawatt HVDC line

The Sahara Wind project Atlantic trade winds powering Africa’s 1st Multi-Gigawatt regional transmission infrastructure presented at the Energy Law Group’s 6th Energy Event in Copenhagen

The Energy Law Group’s 6th Energy Event looked at the Sahara Wind project phased roll-out. During the ‘Energy and mining in Africa | Opportunities and challenges’ workshop, Sahara Wind demonstrated how transformative wind-desalinated agriculture, carbon-free iron-ore and phosphate processing are likely to provide a scaled, operational balancing to Africa’s 1st Multi-Gigawatt HVDC transmission infrastructure. Created in 1993, the Energy Law Group offers market leading advice to corporations, banks, state entities, regulators and institutions operating in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

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