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The Faculty of Science and Technology of Mohammadia (FSTM), affiliated to the Hassan II University of Casablanca, is part of a network of eight FSTs across Morocco whose vocation is university training in science and techniques. The FSTM, located in an area with strong industrial activity, has always been integrated into its environment by having courses leading to profiles that meet the socio-economic needs by excellence. Since its inauguration in 1994, it has provided quality technical and engineering training, and has distinguished itself by the relevance of its research. Mohammadia’s FST has 186 teacher-researchers, 57 administrative and technical staff and more than 3,000 students, 750 of whom are in the final year of their bachelor's degree 260 and 440 in engineering courses. It issues more than 550 diplomas per year.
It is a regulated access establishment where entry is made after a selection based on the baccalaureate grades of subjects defined according to the chosen course (MIP or BCG). The FSTM has 8 departments and 13 laboratories. Research training within the FSTM covers different fields in Biology, Mathematics and Physics. The FSTM offers a rich and relatively complete training curriculum in License, Master Sciences and Techniques and Engineering courses.

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